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8 Best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Examples

Get your WhatsApp marketing sample guide to focus your marketing efforts in the right direction. Read now to increase your brand visibility and more sales.

Team Omind

Team Omind

April 13, 2024

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WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world. It would be challenging to find someone who has not heard of WhatsApp, given its widespread popularity. People mostly use it in their daily lives.

Now you get why it's critical for marketing your stuff. The WhatsApp marketing campaign is all about building relationships with customers. So, this is an option for companies to show their brand with quality content.

With more than 2 billion monthly users, WhatsApp plays a significant role in many people's daily communications. This blog will explore how this platform can help you succeed in your business with some examples. Let us dive into them now.

Did you learn why this is significant? Now, let's look at some exciting examples of WhatsApp marketing campaigns. These campaigns can improve engagement and conversion and generate leads in the customer journey.

Why WhatsApp for your marketing campaign?

Why WhatsApp for your marketing campaign

You might be wondering why this app is so crucial for your marketing. It is one of the simplest methods of reaching your customers. Do you want to know more about why it is vital? Follow the points below for more clarification.

Broad Reach: With over two billion users worldwide, WhatsApp offers a vast audience for marketers. It allows companies to reach a diverse global audience with their marketing messages.

Direct Communication: WhatsApp allows brands to interact directly with their audience, promoting a more personal and direct relationship. Compared to other modes, this option has limitations, but it can result in higher engagement and brand loyalty.

Cost-Effective: It is more cost-effective than conventional methods, as businesses can send messages to their customers for free or at low prices. WhatsApp is more efficient for small and medium-sized companies with limited marketing budgets.

Real-Time Engagement: WhatsApp enables real-time engagement with customers. This marketing campaign lets businesses react to inquiries and engage with their audience.

High Engagement Rates: WhatsApp messages often have higher open and engagement rates than other marketing channels. Therefore, it is an effective platform for reaching and connecting with customers.

Rich Media Support: WhatsApp supports various media types, including text, images, videos, and documents. It allows businesses to create engaging marketing campaigns that are visually appealing and grab their audience's attention.

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption for messages, ensuring that conversations between businesses and customers remain private and secure. Ensure you choose reputable BSPs to ensure data is handled securely and complies with privacy laws. Understanding your audience's behavior on platforms like WhatsApp becomes effortless with Omind, empowering you to craft resonating campaigns.

Did you learn why this is significant? Now, let's look at some exciting examples of WhatsApp marketing campaigns. These campaigns can improve engagement and conversion and generate leads in the customer journey.

8 Best WhatsApp Marketing Samples Examples

WhatsApp Marketing Samples Examples

Prepare yourself now for the big day. We're diving into some game-changing WhatsApp campaigns.

1. Unilever's 'I'll Bring You Back Your Beloved Clothes'

Unilever wanted to promote its new product, Comfort, in Brazil by showcasing its ability to revive old and loved clothes. The goal was to bring awareness to the customers about their new product.


  • Unilever launched a creative WhatsApp marketing effort, where customers must sign up with WhatsApp chatbot features.
  • Users could interact directly with the brand by sharing pictures of their old clothes and receiving personalized messages about how Comfort might bring them back. Those who did it received a 50% discount with free shipping.


  • The campaign led to a large increase in sales and boosted client interaction, marking its success.
  • With WhatsApp, Unilever could communicate with its audience personally. It led to brand awareness and adoption of the products.

2. S-Bahn Munich Selfie Competition

The purpose of the S-Bahn Munich Selfie Competition was to increase public transportation use among the youth. The campaign boosted awareness using WhatsApp and encouraged young people to use S-Bahn trains.


  • The campaign employed many methods to meet its goal. It appealed to people shooting selfies on S-Bahn trains, increasing the trend of selfie culture and making it relatable and engaging to the target audience.
  • By delivering prizes, the campaign rewarded participants and assured better engagement with the target demographic.


  • The S-Bahn Munich Selfie Competition enhanced social media involvement, as indicated by the number of participants posting their selfies on WhatsApp. This resulted in reaching a wider audience through user-generated material.
  • The idea also increased riding visibility among the youth population. Overall, the initiative's outcome was positive, accomplishing both marketing aims and cultivating a positive brand perception.

3. Absolut Vodka' Doorman at the Party' Campaign

The Absolut Vodka 'Doorman at The Party' Campaign was to promote a special edition vodka by a company in Sweden. With WhatsApp, the campaign aimed to create a buzz around the brand and foster consumer interest.


  • The campaign applied several tactics to achieve its goal. The company is dedicated to hosting a party via WhatsApp.
  • The campaign leveraged WhatsApp, making it convenient for consumers to participate and interact with the brand. Absolut Vodka collected customer data and insights through the campaign, enabling them to use them for future marketing efforts.


  • The 'Doorman at The Party' Campaign by Absolut Vodka yielded positive outcomes for the company.
  • The consumers shared their experiences and excitement about the exclusive party invites on social media platforms. Here, they developed visibility and awareness, eventually contributing to the campaign's success.

4. ADAC 'Don't Call Mom' Campaign

ADAC's "Don't Call Mom" campaign aimed to engage with a younger and less involved audience through innovative methods. By inclining WhatsApp, ADAC hoped to establish a direct contact line with its customers. They offered helpful advice on various topics related to travel and car maintenance.


  • To achieve this goal, ADAC set up a WhatsApp hotline where users could seek advice and help. The hotline offered diverse advice, including travel tips, car maintenance, and other automotive-related questions.
  • They tried to capture the target audience's attention and encourage interaction by providing relevant information


  • The "Don't Call Mom" campaign proved to be a hit for ADAC, garnering 20 million user impressions. Through this campaign, ADAC established itself as a trusted source of information and help for younger audiences.
  • The campaign's outcome highlighted the effectiveness of using WhatsApp as a marketing tool to connect with a diverse audience and achieve marketing goals.

5. Persil Kufua Expert Campaign

The main goal of the Persil Kufua Expert Campaign was to increase brand engagement and involve customers in the brand's story. It was a laundry detergent manufactured by Henkel Company. Persil encouraged users to join the campaign and share their washing tips to bond with them.


  • Persil used WhatsApp as the leading platform for this campaign to gain widespread popularity and direct messaging capabilities. The campaign urged users to submit their washing tips via WhatsApp, allowing them to actively take part in creating content for the brand.
  • Persil rewarded users who submitted their washing tips to encourage ongoing interaction.


  • It increased brand interaction by encouraging users to join and share their washing tips actively. Persil strengthened its customer relationship through the campaign, encouraging loyalty and affinity towards the brand.
  • The campaign generated a wealth of user-generated content, such as washing tips, that the company can use for future marketing initiatives.

6. Maggi Germany, Chef in Your Kitchen Campaign

Maggi is a famous manufacturer of spices, instant soups, and noodles worldwide. It wanted to integrate WhatsApp into consumers' daily lives to increase its brand visibility. The campaign tried offering users a virtual cooking course and help via WhatsApp, providing valuable cooking tips and recipes.


  • Maggi launched its virtual cooking course and assistant on WhatsApp, making it available to users.
  • The brand provides cooking tips and recipes through WhatsApp, allowing users to learn new dishes.


  • The campaign enhanced Maggi's brand awareness by integrating it into consumers' daily routines.
  • Maggi enhanced customer interaction and engagement by giving value-added services like a virtual cooking course, strengthening its brand presence.

7. Hellmann's 'WhatsCook' Campaign

Hellmann identified that most people need ideas for cooking with ingredients available in the kitchen. So, they meant to simplify consumer meal decisions by offering personalized recipe services. The WhatsApp marketing campaign tried to meet their needs by providing a valuable service for making informed meal picks.


  • This tactic allowed Hellmann's to reach customers directly and provide personalized recipe services.
  • With this, people could give practical assistance to consumers in making meal choices.


  • The 'WhatsCook' campaign enhanced brand connection and addressed consumer wants, thus creating a positive association with Hellmann's.
  • The campaign likely increased consumer engagement as consumers actively interacted with the company to get services.

8. Flipkart' A Personal Shopper' Campaign

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce platform that wanted to generate buzz around its online sales events and increase engagement among online shoppers. The company tried to showcase the success of using WhatsApp for personalized marketing experiences.


  • To achieve this goal, Flipkart launched a chatbot with AI to help people with their shopping experience with India's famous Bollywood movie star, Amitabh Bachchan.
  • This chatbot offered personalized shopping experiences to users, causing excitement and engagement.


  • The campaign increased enthusiasm and engagement among online shoppers, showing WhatsApp's effectiveness in personalized marketing.
  • It also boosted sales and enhanced Flipkart's brand visibility.

Maximizing your campaign's success with WhatsApp API becomes significantly more strategic when leveraging Omind's generative AI and analytics capabilities, offering a deeper understanding of your audience's needs and behaviors.

Are you excited now? Before we wrap this up, let's unlock another secret - how leveraging WhatsApp API can skyrocket your campaign success.

Utilizing WhatsApp API for Campaign Success

WhatsApp API for Campaign Success

WhatsApp may have limitations, whether personal or business. If you need to execute a campaign with a large audience, sign up for WhatsApp Business API, which helps you reach a larger audience successfully. Alright, before we wrap this up, let's unlock one more secret—how leveraging WhatsApp API can skyrocket your campaign success.

  • The WhatsApp Business API effectively allows brands to connect with their audience. This option will enable brands to send messages in an automated way, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • This direct communication improves interactions, timely updates, and focused promotions. It also leads to higher engagement and conversion rates. Ensure you adhere to WhatsApp's policies and guidelines to avoid account restrictions or bans when using the API.
  • Delightchat offers many options that can enhance WhatsApp marketing and customer support efforts. It provides the necessary tools, including automated replies, message scheduling, CRM integration, and analytics tracking.
  • These tools help streamline WhatsApp communication. By combining interactions, Delightchat helps brands drive successful campaigns on WhatsApp.

A Final Thought

WhatsApp marketing campaigns are simple and cost-effective methods for connecting with customers. As we have many examples, they are one of the easiest and smartest methods every business can follow. Remember, success also requires planning and effort. When you plan to use WhatsApp to connect with your audience, leveraging platforms like Omind can elevate your engagement through insightful data and AI-driven communication strategies.

Creating a WhatsApp Business Account is easier and takes little time. This makes interacting with customers at any time possible compared to other modes. All you need to do is get a clear picture of your Business's objectives. The basic ideas in this guide will remain true as technology develops.

They will help companies succeed with WhatsApp marketing in the long term. Getting support from advanced tools enhances your customer journey, naturally leading to business growth. To know more, schedule a demo with us by clicking on https://www.omind.ai/schedule-demo.

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